Summertime. It means different things to different people. For some, it’s a time for fun in the sun. Travel, barbecues and other related shenanigans. For parents, it’s a stressful time because the kids are home for three months. Which means grocery and electric bills go up, as well as your blood pressure.

I have mixed emotions about summer.

Summer marks the anniversary of our family leaving California and moving to Florida. A move that changed our lives in a way I never thought possible. In the grand scheme of things, it was a good move. But I always get a little homesick for California around this time of year. I spent the first twenty eight years of my life there. And no matter where I end up in life, it will always be my home.

Summer in Florida is not for the weak. It is hot as Hades and it’s impossible not to sweat. I’ve been told that southern women don’t sweat, they glisten. Call it whatever you want, you’re sweating profusely. If you can do that in a lady like manner, than power to you. I personally can’t. Makeup? Smeared. Hair? Afro status. Clothes? Sweat box. #thankshumidity

Another fun factor to summer is mosquito season. Holy shit these little bastards love me. The only thing that stops the maniacal itching is benadryl, which makes me sleepy. So I have to suffer through it during the day. It’s awful. This year I’ve had mosquitos penetrate my jeans, bite me on my toes and had one on my scalp. Wtf mosquitos?

We have been enjoying a mellow summer so far. A few beach and pool trips, game nights, arts and crafts and movies. I work a lot so I enjoy the kids being home because I get to see them more.

That being said, if I have to break up one more fight over the PlayStation or who’s turn it is to take the dog out, my head might explode. #momproblems

In the meantime, I’ll just be sitting over here. Covered in mosquito bites and glistening. 😉


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